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What to do with rubbish?

Separation is the keyword. For this, there are:

  • Recycling points on all the Marina’s quays, for paper / cardboard, plastic / metal packaging and glass;
  • Recycling points in the area around the Marina;
  • Containers for batteries in the surrounding area and the boatyard;
  • Fixed and mobile recycling points in the boatyard area for the most common kinds of waste;
  • Containers for wood, scrap metal and paper and cardboard in the boatyard;
  • Waste depot in the boatyard area for all types of hazardous waste - such waste must be handed over to the boatyard services.


What to do with waste water?


The pump-out system is the answer. Waste and oily water must be pumped-out by this system which is located at the fuel quay.

Never discharge such water in the Marina. While you are in the Marina, do not use the toilet facilities of boats which do not have a holding tank. The bathrooms in the surrounding area are available for this purpose!


What care needs to be taken when washing and repairing a boat?

  • Only use biodegradable detergents when washing on the quays and in the boatyard.
  • Aggressive detergents may only be used in the boatyard area, in the tanks for washing sails.
  • Do not forget that heavily contaminated water can and must be handed over to the Marina Services.
  • Boat hulls may only be washed in the area intended for this purpose.
  • The use of anti-fouling paints with TBTs is prohibited.
  • For all work carried out in the boatyard, appropriate methods must be used to prevent the spillage of paint, oil or other hazardous material, (for example, trays for holding containers of chemical products in use and spreading plastic protectors under boats during paint-stripping or painting work).
  • When carrying out any sanding work, it is compulsory to use a system for vacuuming dust.

What to do in the event of a spillage?

Prevention is the best advice. Always wear appropriate protective equipment when handling chemical products.

In the event of accidental spillage, there is specific material for combatting this in the boatyard and next to the fuel station. Inform the Marina Services about any occurrence!

How to save water and electricity?

  • Embark on the route towards savings.
  • Turn off taps when you are not using them.
  • If there are leaks, inform the Marina Services.
  • Only wash your boat when really necessary.
  • Attach nozzles to hosepipes to avoid waste (they can be acquired at the Marina reception).
  • Switch off all lights and equipment when they are not being used.

Little things that make all the difference...

  • Do not drop litter on the ground or into the water.
  • Go on foot in the area surrounding the Marina.
  • Pick up your pet animal’s droppings and place them in the rubbish bins.
  • Do not feed the seagulls or the fish.
  • Music is fine, but not too loud. Avoid noise pollution.
  • The maximum speed limit inside the Marina is 3 knots. Leave speed for the high seas.