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Vilamoura Sailing - Hi Performance Centre

The Vilamoura International High Performance Sailing Centre, the Vilamoura Sailing - Hi Performance Centre, opens on February 17. The result of a partnership between the Companhia Náutica and the Vilamoura Marina, the Centre will provide a place for high-level sailing competitors to train and stay.

Although Vilamoura Sailing - Hi Performance Centre is open year-round, the high period will be between October and May given that during this period most countries in central and northern Europe don't have favorable atmospheric conditions for training. This allows the athletes to plan their stays according to each team's needs. For example, the physical condition of each team member, appropriate diet to attain desired performance, practical, academic and psychological support.

The Centre includes a varied fleet of vessels Optimist 420, 29ers, Laser Standard (Olympic class}, Laser Radial {Olympic class), Laser 4.9 and 470 (Olympic class). In addition to sailing vessels, the centre also has semi-rigid boats for use of the trainers.

With this new equipment the Centre seeks to attract athletes from Northern Europe, particularly due to the meteorological conditions and lodging facilities. The Centre will also be ideal for athletes from Asia who are looking to establish a European training base. For this reason, the Hi Performance Centre will help combat the Algarve's seasonal nature, providing the Vilamoura Marina another differentiating factor as well as helping to increase regional economic development. 

The Vilamoura Marina has a long history of organizing competitions and bringing together high performance athletes. The success of the World Cup Optimist and the Regatta Carnaval, taking place from 25 - 27 February are examples of this. The upcoming Regatta Carnaval will include more than 500 participants.