As nossas Iniciativas

Find out about some of the initiatives implemented by Vilamoura Marina as part of its commitment under the Policy on Quality and the Environment:

  • Monitoring of water quality and Waste management
  • Rational consumption of resources
  • Training and Qualifications
  • Environmental awareness-raising activities

Monitoring of Water Quality and Waste Management

The marina’s water quality is monitored monthly by an accredited laboratory.

The waste produced in all the operational areas of Vilamoura Marina is separated and sent to an appropriate final destination; priority is always given to re-using or recycling it rather than depositing it in a landfill site. Special attention is given to hazardous waste produced in the boatyard, during maintenance and repair work on the boats. Vilamoura Marina has the capacity to receive all types of hazardous waste, which is stored temporarily in a dedicated location until being handed over to bodies which are licensed to treat it. In addition, there are “ecoponto” recycling points in all parts of the marina where more common types of waste can be deposited.

Rational Consumption of Resources

One of the major concerns in the environmental management of Vilamoura Marina is to minimise consumption, especially of water and electricity. The objective is to optimise consumption, reducing it without affecting the users level of comfort. However, achieving this objective depends on the collaboration of everyone who comes to Vilamoura Marina. Find out here how you can embark on the route towards savings!

The concept of sustainability is integrated into all remodelling and upgrading projects and building work. Preference is given to materials with a low environmental impact, and the equipment to be installed is chosen in accordance with its energy efficiency and water consumption, thereby minimising consumption when it is being used.

Training and Qualifications

The success of an environmental management system is only possible through the involvement of everyone, of those who work at the Marina and those who visit it. And so every year, a major investment is made in the training of the marina’s staff to ensure that they have the necessary qualifications and knowledge to do their jobs in the most appropriate way, in terms both of the quality of the service provided and the company’s environmental performance.

Special attention is given to the preparation of staff for emergency situations such as fires and spillages. For this purpose, they are given training on methods and techniques for prevention and ways of acting in emergencies; simulations are carried out to test the effectiveness of responses.

Environmental Awareness-Raising Activities

Mindful of the fact that the creation of environmental awareness starts with the youngsters, Vilamoura Marina organises a range of environmental awareness-raising activities throughout the year.

These generally mark themed days which are celebrated with children from local schools, with games and educational activities whose aim is to inform the children and raise their awareness about the importance of environmental issues of different kinds: conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, saving water and electricity, separating rubbish, conservation of the dunes and the marine environment etc.