Environmental Certifications

The Marina de Vilamoura, S.A. has an Environment and Quality Management System (SGQA) implemented and certified by Norms ISO 14001, since July 2002, and ISO 9001 since August 2004. This means that the Marina applies practices to monitor its activities in a rigorous way, with the aim of minimising its related environmental impact, and that it adopts procedures for the continual improvement of the services it provides and the satisfaction of its customers, and that these practices are internationally recognised.


The effectiveness of the SGQA is regularly put to test in internal audits and in periodical external checks by an appropriate body, duly accredited for the purpose, the SGS – ICS, in which the system is evaluated with the aim of guaranteeing that the work of the Vilamoura Marina is carried out in a way that meets the requirements of these two key norms. It should be stressed that this process of certification covers not only the management and work of the Vilamoura Marina but also the management of the Falésia Beach (Rocha Baixinha) and Vilamoura Beach (Marina Beach).

The certifications ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 9001 (Quality), together with the European Blue Flag for Marina’s and Recreational Harbours (awarded to the Vilamoura Marina since 2001) demonstrate the success of the policy adopted by the management of Vilamoura Marina, thus contributing to make Vilamoura a tourism destination that offers high standards of environmental quality to all its visitors.


The success of all these initiatives depends on the collaboration of everyone who comes here. Vilamoura Marina makes a point of reminding those who arrive here, carried by the winds and the tides, as well as those who are already here, about the ways in which everyone can contribute to this cause.

Your help is essential if we are to continue to honour our commitment to preserving our natural heritage, so that we can continue to benefit from it!

The Algarve coastline deserves such care and attention. Its natural beauty, the different habitats and the countless species of wildlife are values that have to be preserved by everyone, especially by those who pursue nautical activities.

Policy on Quality and the Environment

The policy of Marina de Vilamoura, S.A. concerning Quality and the Environment is founded on a commitment by the entire organisation towards conducting the management and operation of Vilamoura Marina, as well as Rocha Baixinha Beach (Falésia Beach) and Vilamoura Beach (Marina Beach), within the strictest environmental preservation demands, avoiding pollution and minimising any impacts on the environment.

You can download Vilamoura Marina’s Policy on Quality and the Environment here.

Blue Flag

The Blue Flag for Marina’s and Recreational Harbours was awarded to Vilamoura Marina for the first time in 1988, and every year consecutively since 2001.

You can find more information about this award on the website of the Blue Flag Association.

Would you like to make your boat more ecological? Did you know that your boat can also display the Blue Flag?

Find out how: you can get information at the Marina Reception or on the website of the Blue Flag Association.